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Understanding Electronic Traveling Authorization (ETA) Requirements In Canada

All about the ETA Canada. If you plan on traveling into Canada in the near future, it’s important to understand all the required documents you may need. While a passport is par for the course when it comes to traveling internationally, but often times there are more documents on top of that. Many nations will also need a visa in order to enter Canada. This is a normal part of the process for travel to many parts of the world, but even if you are from one of the trusted visa-exempt countries you still as of now need to get Electronic Traveling Authorization (ETA) before you can enter Canada.

What Is An ETA?
An ETA is a simple document, easy to obtain in most circumstances, necessary for visa-exempt foreign visitors who either fly to Canada, or stopover as they are flying through Canada. The ETA simply gives that individual permission to travel to or through Canada, as long as their other documents are in order. This applies specifically to individuals from visa-exempt countries.

There are a few exceptions, which include:
– Citizens of the United States
– Travelers with a Canadian Visa
– Dual citizens (with one of the citizenships being Canada)

Otherwise individuals who don’t need a visa and don’t meet one of those noted exceptions will need to apply before traveling.

How To Get An ETA
The entire application process can be done online for travelers’ convenience. A simple Google search can point people to the right government webpage, and then all you need is a decent Internet connection. Make sure to have a valid passport and credit/debit card on hand, as well as an email address where the confirmation document can be sent. As of today the cost is $7 CAD to get an ETA, and the majority of applications get approved very quickly with some taking only a few minutes of time.

Once received, an ETA doesn’t expire after one use. In fact, they are good for five years, meaning it can be used again and again for any travel plans that take place over that time period.

This really is a simple, inexpensive procedure that can done from home and helps make sure you have all the travel documentation you need to enjoy your time in Canada. Don’t be scared off by this small formality. The reality is that it’s a very easy process to go through and at that point traveling to or through Canada is a piece of cake.

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