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Indian Visa Application – Your Ultimate Guide

There’s no denying that enjoying a trip to the beautiful country of India will be a real treat, and it will often the biggest highlight of your entire year. However, before you can enjoy this delightful country, you will need to complete your Indian Visa application to ensure you are allowed to travel to the country.

In this brief guide, we’re going to highlight the key steps you need to take in order to obtain your Indian Visa application without any hassle, so you will soon be enjoying the wonderful culture that is available here.

Firstly, there are a variety of different visas available for India, although most nationalities will, in fact, need a Visa of some sort. Perhaps one of the best ways to obtain an Indian Visa for somebody who is traveling from a Western country for a vacation is to obtain the Indian E Visa.

These visas will actually be given to you on arrival, although you will need to begin the process and meet the approval requirements before leaving for your trip. In most cases, it may take around 5 to 6 days to be granted this approval, just as long as there are no hiccups along the way.

These visas will entitle you for either 30 or 60 days of stay in the country, which is generally enough time to sample everything it has to offer during a vacation. What’s more, there are several online services that will walk you through the steps of obtaining these visas, and while this will add to the fee you need to pay, it’s often a good idea if you aren’t quite sure about how to obtain a Visa or don’t have experience with the matter.

Fortunately, the Indian E visa is surprisingly affordable, and you will only be expected to pay around $60 in administration fees to obtain the vital travel document.

Alternatively, you could apply for a full tourist Visa which will allow you to stay in the country for three or six months depending on your requirements and application choice. These tourist visas will cost around $150 and there will be additional processing fees in some cases. It’s important to note that this fee will not be refundable even if your application is denied.

Ultimately, there are numerous ways to obtain an Indian travel Visa, and this guide has shown you two of the best options available to anybody who is visiting the country for a vacation.

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